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Sweet Potato Wedges

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure it would be these fries. They take about 15 minutes to make and they are so filling and delicious. They make a great side dish and I LOVE pairing them with dips!

I know it's popular to make oven-baked sweet potato fries, but I love making these in the microwave and stove because it's quicker AND they get so nice and crispy!


Serves 1

What you need:

-1 sweet potato

-olive oil (preferably in a spray bottle, I have this one and love it)

-salt (and any other seasonings you want!)

How you make it:

Wash the potato and pierce a few holes with a fork. Put the potato in the microwave for 5-8 minutes, stopping to rotate it every 2-3 minutes. You'll know it's ready because it will be steaming and slightly squishy. When you cut through with the knife, it's soft all the way through.

Let the potato cool enough so you can hold it without burning yourself. Then, use a knife to cut off each end. Cut into your desired widths, making them about equal sizes. I like them about an inch thick. Season with salt and whatever else you want (I also love them with curry powder, paprika, garlic powder, or chili powder for a bit of flavor)

Heat a pan over a medium heat. Spray in the olive oil (or if you are oil-free, you can use a touch of water) and add the sweet potatoes. Flip them a few times as they begin to brown. But keep watch! They can burn quite quickly. I usually cook them for about 5 minutes here, but you could do more or less depending if you like them crispy or softer (and how big you made the wedges!)

Serve with a dip (like guacamole or chipotle aioli) and as a side to your favorite veggie burger!

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