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Omnipod 5: All my reviews and resources!

*nothing on this page or site is medical advice. I am not a doctor or healthcare professional. I'm just sharing my experience!

hi there! the world's best pump (in my humble opinion, but who can really argue with no tubes) just got better! Omnipod 5 is finally out and I am so pumped (get it?) to be on it!

I know choosing a pump can be a SUPER difficult decision. I also want to remind you that it's a really personal decision. Reading reviews and people's experiences online can be helpful in navigating pros and cons, but there's really no way to know the best pump for you until you try it out yourself.

So here's my best attempt to fill you in on about my experience with Omnipod 5.

To answer the ultimate question: do you recommend it?

my answer: ABSOLUTELY!

I wouldn't be wearing it if I thought there was a better insulin pump for me out there. But again, it's a personal choice and what works for me may not work for you.

My top 2 reasons for loving Omnipod 5:

  1. I think it's the best pump out there for active people. Features that support this: no tubes and activity mode (which works slightly different than other pumps)

  2. I love that its algorithm changes my basal rates with my changing insulin resistance/sensitivity, in addition to adjusting from Dexcom data. Features that support this: Omnipod 5 is the only looping pump that actually creates its basals based on past Total Daily Insulin needs. Meaning, you'll never have to do a basal test again if you're on automated mode. Most other looping pumps simply adjust based on CGM data (which O5 also does) while still using a manually set basal. This means that those other pumps may be playing catch up if basal rates are not accurate or updated.

On this page you'll find links to all the resources I have made about the Omnipod 5. Please check back as I will update regularly as I make more! And if you have questions, please DM me on instagram for the fastest response (I can't reply to comments left on this blog, which is stupid, but i don't want to pay to upgrade my site and IG works fine lol)

Youtube resources:

Instagram resources

  • Omnipod 5 FAQs: I answer about looping, do you need PDM near for looping, insurance, extended bolus

Thanks for stopping by! More will be added to this page as it is created <3.

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