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Insulin Cooling Products

I tried out three different Insulin Cooling Products so you don't have to!

Let me start off by saying I think they all have their strengths and weaknesses. All of them do what they say-- keep your insulin cool. The question comes down to size, durability, style, and cooling technology! (Also- there are a LOT more brands/versions out there! This is just three that I tried. I'll update this post if I ever try more.)

You can find out more info on their respective product pages, but this is my take on the pros and cons of each!

I haven't personally taken any of these through TSA or airport security, but they all claim to be okay going though it. There are reviews that back this up.



Cost: around $30


  • Price! This is the cheapest option for insulin cooling cases (that I tested)

  • Easy to use. Frio uses evaporation, so you soak it in water, towel dry, and you're good to go

  • Keeps cold for 48 hours

  • Fits vial or pen

  • Larger sizes and different colors available


  • No protection (just cloth exterior)

  • Really can only fit one pen/vial once it's been activated. Although it advertises it can fit more, it was tough to fit 2 in this small version.

My review: I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as the best for functionality due to no protection, but price-wise it wins.


Next is the 4 All Family Brand

I am reviewing the 7-pen case. There is also a 1- pen version ($30), a 3-pen version ($40), and a different 7-pen version that can also be cooled with a USB plug ($140).

Cost: $80


  • Size! This is the only case that I reviewed that comfortably fit more than one pen/vial!

  • Durability. The hard exterior makes me confident that the insulin will be protected.

  • 48 hours

  • Other models/colors available (see note above!)


  • Not practical for everyday use (better for travel!)

  • Vials should have vial safe protector or something to protect the glass against the stainless steel. Not necessarily a con but just something to note!

  • You would need a freezer to re-freeze the gel! They have another model that you can plug in.

My review: Out of these three, it's definitely the best option for traveling or carrying multiple vials/pens, but not super practical for everyday use! I'd love to try out the version that you can plug in !)

*This product was gifted, but my review is my own!


Last but not least, Penguin Cooling Case

Cost: $70 (10% off with code Megan10 !!)


  • Durability! Love that it has a hard exterior while still being able to fit in a small purse

  • Easy to use. Works with evaporation similar to Frio case.

  • Seals shut (unlike Frio)

  • Small and looks cool (black and silver also available)


  • Only fits a pen (no vials)

  • 24 hours (other two are 48 hours)

My review: This is my favorite for day-to-day use because I can throw it in my bag and not have to worry about it getting crushed or dropped etc. It would be cool if there was this brand but for vials!

*This product was gifted, but my review is my own!


That's a wrap!! If I ever try out others I will add them to this list! Also to note that I'm not a person who ALWAYS keeps their insulin cool (and i've never had problems), but if I am going somewhere where I will be out in the sun (like the beach or something) then I will opt for one of these!

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