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About me!

Hi and welcome to Beets and Betes! My name is Meg Cremins and I am so happy that you stumbled upon my corner of the internet. A little bit about me: I am a wife, a daughter, a badass runner, a yogi (and yoga teacher), and I also happen to have two auto-immune diseases, Type One Diabetes and Celiacs Disease. While I don’t let these diseases dictate my life, they have certainly led me on a path of health and wellness since I was a teenager. 

When I am living in a way that supports my physical body and my spirit, I am happiest! For me, that has meant learning a LOT about nutrition, moving my body a lot, spending a lot of time out in nature and with family and friends, and staying centered with meditation and yoga. 

On my blog, you will find all of these things and more! I hope to use this as a platform to document my own life, as well as inspire others— with or without autoimmune diseases— to live their best possible life!!

I love connecting with you all! 

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